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Consulting Collaborative

The Consulting Collaborative is an expert group of like-minded healthcare leaders with a compelling vision:

…we partner with our clients to build sustainable solutions by leveraging our energy, skills, collective expertise, creativity and knowledge of best practices.

Our collaborative is a networked team of highly experienced consultants and coaches who have worked across the continuum of care. Our founding members have, on average, over 20 years of experience working in a variety of settings and bring together consultants from Bowen & Briggs, Inc. and Nilsen Capshaw & Associates. Our Collaborative invites specific experts required for a consultation, to join our team to meet each client’s needs.

We understand the need for profound change in health care delivery. Change is needed due to fragmentation of care and communication, a focus on illness rather than prevention and wellness, and a lack of patient engagement. Using our collaborative’s collective expertise, we seek to guide health care organizations to develop all aspects of an integrated health system, focused on patient wellness: organizational and leadership development, organizational improvement and operational planning and implementation. By using a combination of analytical and human relationship skills we work with organizations from facilitating strategic visioning to detailed implementation.

We know that to achieve this vision it takes new operational systems linked to an Electronic Health Record, high performing collaborative teams and even new roles for the interdisciplinary team that serves the patient. As a result, we work with organizations, including Accountable Care Organizations, to walk through the operational, cultural and systemic transformation by developing new roles for specific models of care, facilitating and educating staff and physicians to ease transitions, and expanding physician and interdisciplinary staff coordination.

Using our experience and knowledge of new health care systems, we are now assisting architectural firms and health care organizations with innovative concepts, operational vision, design development and organizational readiness, in order to achieve a smooth transition for department renovations and new building development. We use our expertise to provide research on demand to identify Best Practices. We assist with facilitation of user groups to frame issues, focus discussions and drive decisions. As a result, we can assure the facility design plan supports a visionary and realistic future model of care.

The transition to a new facility poses many new challenges for an organization. We offer services that assure a smooth, on-time transition. We lead our clients through this transition by offering services to redesign processes, facilitate clinical simulation experiences, build orientation and training programs for staff and physicians as well as to develop and implement patient relocation plans. Our goal is to provide a solid bridge between health care organizations and architectural firms to ensure safe, cost efficient and healing patient care environments.

Through Our Consulting Methods We Will Help Your Organization With:

Organizational and Leadership Development

⇒ Perform tailored assessments to provide a framework for optimal organizational performance and successful change management
⇒ Develop your mission and vision, as well as organizational strategies and goals, that will ensure a culture that is patient and family focused

Patient and Family Centered Care Development

⇒ Define an innovative model of care that combines effective care coordination with appropriate operational staffing
⇒ Improve the patient experience
⇒ Improve patient throughput across the continuum
⇒ Develop systems for engaging patients and community partners in health education and wellness goals
⇒ Build medical homes to meet NCQA accreditation

Operational Planning and Development

⇒ Develop operational project plans for systemic change and define timelines, actions and responsibilities
⇒ Provide research for benchmarking “best practices” to improve operational performance
⇒ Implement effective, efficient methods and operational systems to coordinate information across the continuum
⇒ Prepare for an EHR system
⇒ Strategically plan and develop physician practices and ambulatory care centers

Interdisciplinary Team and Role Development

⇒ Develop new physician and staff roles for your model of care
⇒ Facilitate and educate staff and physicians to ease role transitions
⇒ Expand physician and interdisciplinary staff collaboration and teamwork

Architectural Services

⇒ Assist with the organizational concept, vision, design, operations and transition for department renovations and new building development
⇒ Develop and facilitate organizational readiness for facility opening
⇒ Assist in design of orientation and training programs to ease transition to new facility and model of care
⇒ Define, facilitate and expedite resolution of facility and operational issues after opening