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Leadership Coaching

Making significant transitions in health care organizations today, when change in the external environment is occurring at a fast pace, can be exhilarating and energizing, as well as disorienting and challenging for leaders and staff. We understand the significance of leadership coaching during these times, and we offer services to organizations as well as to individuals.

The Bowen & Briggs team brings years of experience in empowering leaders of organizations and programs. Many leaders have discovered that just one to two hours a month of leadership coaching can have an extremely positive impact. Especially when guiding organizational change, leaders must work to maintain perspective, continue growing and learning, and become aware of blind spots and other potential obstacles. As coaches, we are committed to listening well and facilitating leaders to plan and implement goals, while considering the organization’s past and present culture and vision for the future.

The frequency and methodology of coaching sessions is determined on an individual basis, according to each leader’s needs. The process of coaching begins with an initial assessment. A typical coaching relationship is developed by combining phone sessions and email. We have found that to be truly effective, coaching relationships should last at least six months to one year.

Coaching is for any leader who is working through organizational change and/or challenges. In addition, it is particularly helpful for a new leader in an organization, the development of potential leaders who need to focus on their growth and goals, and those who may be struggling. We provide support as leaders make their own changes and help guide their organizations through the transition and transformation necessary in the dynamic world of health care today.

To explore the opportunity for Leadership Coaching as an individual leader, and/or for leaders in your organization, please contact us.