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Success Stories


Now in our twentieth year of serving health care clients, Bowen & Briggs, Inc. has hundreds of examples of successful searches for leaders in children’s, women’s and academic health care organizations.  While each search is unique, we use all proven methods and accommodate client and candidate circumstances to find the right match. The following are just a few examples of our recent successes partnering with clients that resulted in ideal leaders for leadership positions:

Texas Children’s Hospital Pavilion for Women

Partnership with our Client:  A recent search at Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH) started with an on-site visit to their new, 15-story Pavilion for Women.

·         Meeting the leaders to understand the requirements for the Director of the Pavilion and seeing the new gorgeous spa-like facilities, connected by a walkway to TCH, gave us a keen sense of how to market the position and organization.

·         Throughout the search, we communicated regularly with the team regarding the status of our plans and candidates, and determined together when to fast track steps in the process.

Creative Identification of Connections Nationally:  With a fabulous story to tell, we immediately spread the word nationally to our network of contacts who know excellent women’s service leaders. Finding great interest in the position, we evaluated numerous candidates.

Ideal Leader Hired:  Linda Tyer-Viola was the perfect candidate!  TCH and Linda knew this was the right fit for them both.  In our follow-up communications, both Linda and Mary Jo Andre, Senior Vice President to whom she reports, said they are thrilled!

Blythedale Children’s Hospital

Partnership with our Client:  After being chosen to lead the search for the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) at Blythedale Children’s Hospital, our team learned about this specialty hospital’s vision and organizational culture while on-site, and in review of several hospital publications and data reports.

·         Welistened to the challenges ahead for a new CNO: to continue to build a strong foundation of nursing care, education and research; and to facilitate program growth for expanding patient populations at this children’s hospital.

·         Ideally, leadership wanted someone from the New York City region who could immediately connect with colleagues and create partnerships with hospital leaders in the local area.

·         Regular conversations about candidates and the process stimulated a great partnership with this client.

Creative Identification of Connections Nationally:  Focusing initially on the NYC region and New England, we connected with many potential candidates from a variety of backgrounds interested in pursuing this top nursing leadership position. We presented a number of candidates and found the right one.

Ideal Leader Hired:  Jill Wegener, Blythedale’s new CNO, does not mind her daily commute to the hospital, as she is a true New Yorker.  And not only does she love her new role and the people at the hospital, but she is also collaborating again with a former colleague who is the new Chief Medical Officer at Blythedale.  It was worth the process for all to find the perfect CNO leader!