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Consulting Successes

Innovation for New or Renovated Facilities

  • Partner with your hospital and architectural firm to design efficient patient care environments that promote safety and advance family centered care
  • Redesign processes to improve staff effectiveness in the newly designed facility from design through post construction phases

Preparing Organizations For EMR/EHR

  • Define the vision for the medical record and streamline the manual documentation system while integrating interdisciplinary notes
  • Redefine clerical roles
  • Partner with your chosen vendor to prepare the organization for the cultural shift

Patient Throughput Improvement

  • Planning for new emergency services utilizing national benchmarks and best practices.
  • Redesign and implementation of significant role and process changes for case management, bed management, patient access and housekeeping to expedite patient throughput.

Ambulatory Care Process Improvement

  • Work collaboratively with the department of pediatrics and children’s hospital to achieve results
  • Redesign of patient flow to reduce visit time and increase family satisfaction
  • Implementation of scheduling practices to improve staff and physician productivity

Executive Coaching for Directors and Managers

  • One on one coaching to further develop leadership, team work and financial management skills
  • Assistance to enhance communication skills
  • Coaching to work more effectively across the organization

Staff Productivity

  • Identification of cost reduction opportunities
  • Establishment of staff productivity targets based on national benchmarks and implementation of scheduling and staffing strategies to achieve targets
  • Restructuring of patient care services and implementation of process improvement initiatives